James Fedie, Wisconsin YardRink Owner Since 2022

As a business owner, I wanted to support another small business when it came to adding a backyard rink to our house. After deciding that buying a YardRink was right for our family, I was excited about the memories that my family would make on the ice together. 

An Easy Set Up

The 2022-2023 season proved to be unseasonably warm, but that didn’t dampen my excitement for my new YardRink. When we set the rink up, my thirteen-year-old son eagerly helped, especially with zip-tying the tarp to the rink’s exterior. As a first-time backyard rink owner, I had moments of uncertainty, but the final product exceeded my expectations. I particularly appreciated the rink’s design, as the boards created a smooth surface for the puck to glide around without getting stuck.  

Adding Personal Touches to our YardRink 

Although we had to wait a few weeks for it to freeze, I started planning how to enhance our winter space. We relocated our portable fire pit and strung up lights between trees to illuminate the rink for night skating. We also added a goal for my son to practice his shooting skills, but we quickly realized that he would frequently lose pucks. Starting with around 55 pucks, he somehow managed to end up with just two. So, we decided to set up netting around the end of the rink to save as many pucks as possible! The spring sprouted pucks galore and inventory of pucks is once again near full capacity.

A Family Experience  

I bought this rink for my kids, but that didn’t stop me from getting out on the ice and enjoying it with them. Despite not being a great skater, I received new skates for Christmas, allowing me to have a blast with my son. My daughters also received skates for Christmas, so during the holiday break, the whole family would often enjoy the rink together. Even my sister noticed and appreciated the quality time we spent together, confirming that adding a rink to our backyard was the right choice. 

Since setting up our YardRink, my son has invited his buddies over to skate and hang out in our backyard. While his love of hockey is one of the reasons I decided to purchase a backyard rink, I’m also excited about improving my own skills alongside my kids. 

Looking Forward to Next Season 

Due to the numerous winter hockey tournaments, we haven’t been able to socialize as much as we would have liked by the rink. However, we eagerly anticipate the future when we can enjoy more gatherings and finally utilize the fire pit. Maybe we’ll even bring a television outside to watch while the kids skate around.

It’s been amazing to witness the joy our family and friends have experienced on the rink. It shows the quality of YardRink as a product that can be enjoyed by all ages. I’ve even had friends with their own backyard rinks visit and express admiration for the design. Choosing YardRink was the right choice for us and I eagerly await another winter season where I can lace up my skates and have fun alongside my family. 

Written by YardRink

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