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Backyard hockey is a blast, but building a rink is rough. Do-it-yourself jobs take forever and other 'kits' are complicated. We invented a tough, slick rink that virtually anyone can set up. It's shaped like a real rink to play like a real rink. Our patented technology was invented by an engineering PhD from MIT and Caltech to just play better. Get the fire pit ready and have the kids text their friends. Game on!

"Great backyard setup. We enjoy the view from the bedroom! The family has been enjoying the rink this season. I like your design for many reasons. It’s badass and has been holding strong. It’s pretty sweet. So far it’s been a great product. Cheers!"
~ Daniel
“The boards are filled with water, creating fantastic stability for the rink.”
~ Ryan
"Love, love, love this setup and design!!! We just installed our rink in our yard and it’s awesome. Our kids are so excited for this winter and skating in their own yard. We can’t thank YardRink enough!"
~ Erin
"A few hockey dads came by after I built it and said, “Whoa... what a beauty!” My brother was equally impressed. It’s just so cool!"
~ Nigel
"This is so much better than the last rink! Watching the puck whip all the way around the corner is amazing."
~ Kevin

A Tarp like
no other

  • Wraps around the outside of YardRink’s walls
  • Woven-in lines guide panel placement
  • Rip-stop triple laminate construction
  • Reinforced grommets

The Panel,

  • Lightweight, high strength, UV resistant plastic
  • Connect with a single bolt per panel
  • Filled and frozen for maximum strength
  • Fill ports and factory installed links

Rugged, custom-designed Stake

  • Hammered into straight panel intersections 

    (no brackets to trip over!)
  • White coated fiberglass with pointed end
  • Exceptionally strong and rigid
  • Profile resists tilting in soil

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