Zev Young, Massachusetts YardRink Owner Since 2022

As the father of a passionate hockey player hungry for ice time, it’s no surprise we wanted to set up a rink in our backyard. To me, YardRink provides a lot of benefits, including a sense of community and the social aspect of having people come to the house, but mostly it’s about the kids having fun. It's an opportunity for friends and family to get together to do something different and have fun being on the ice.

When deciding to invest in an outdoor rink, you can look at a benefit-cost ratio all you want. However, there have been days when we've been home and all my son is doing is spending time on the rink. That to me is something you can't put a cost on. When I’m thinking about whether I made the right decision purchasing a YardRink or the right decision to level our yard, I remember that it's exceeded our wildest expectations because our son is practicing and having fun. 

A Quick and Painless Setup Turned into a Neighborhood Hangout

When I decided I wanted to put an outdoor rink in our backyard, I got anxious thinking about hammering nails, stripping wood, and doing everything myself. So, when I saw YardRink in an ad on Facebook, I immediately said this is something that I could do. In fact, it was something I was able to put up in an hour and 15 minutes and my son was able to skate on the rink as soon as it froze. If I can set this up, anybody can set up the YardRink – I promise you.

Every time someone comes to our house, I get excited to show them our YardRink.

This winter, our house became the neighborhood hangout and that’s exactly what we wanted – a spot where the people can come and hang out, listen to music, and watch the kids skate. 

You Don't Have to be a Hockey Player to Enjoy a YardRink

The rink is beautiful and our family can be outside enjoying what the New England elements have to offer. To me, that's irreplaceable. Hearing our kids and their friends having fun from inside our kitchen makes us happy. If they want to, they can come in, take a quick break, grab some hot cocoa, and head right back out. That’s the beauty of having a system like this in your backyard. 

To quote my son Zayden, the YardRink “is amazing!” He may be a great little hockey player, but the YardRink is for all skaters and for those who have a passion to be outdoors. You don't have to be a hockey player to enjoy the YardRink system. You just have to like being outside and spending time with your family. That's what it's all about.

Written by YardRink

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