Jessa McNamara, Minnesota YardRink Owner Since 2023

Having four children and living in Minnesota, we are your typical midwestern skating family. While my husband does not skate, I’ve been known to get out on the ice with my kids who are obsessed with hockey and spending time on the ice.  

A few years ago, when living at our old house, we experienced a lot of rain during the winter.  We couldn’t believe it when a natural skating rink formed in our yard when the ground froze with the excess rainwater. My kids were so excited when Santa brought them something to skate on so close to home. For years, we tried to recreate that “rink” for them – by flooding the ground and a tarp – and while it may have worked for a day or two at a time, it was a mess and overall unsuccessful.  

Reconsidering an Official Backyard Rink 

One day, my old colleague Jeff Roth reached out for details on my kid’s hockey leagues. While we were talking, he shared he was working with YardRink and told me a little about the company which piqued my interest. A couple of weeks later, my husband and I seriously started thinking it was time for a backyard rink kit. While we have looked into backyard rinks in the past we were never serious about it. However, YardRink’s price, easy assembly, and rounded edges of the rink caught our eye. 

As a busy family always on the move, we wanted something easy to set up and take down. YardRink did not disappoint and our kids were extremely excited when it arrived. The setup was simple and the kids were able to help us with assembly. Once the rink was up, we started reorganizing the space. We set up a bench, bonfire pit, and laid down a mat walkway so you can walk from the house to the rink in skates. We also added a spotlight so the family could skate at night. The last thing our rink needed was a bucket of pucks and nets so we didn't have to chase them. 

Endless Winter Fun for All

When my kids are on the ice, we never know what they'll be up to and each day they’re doing something different – from races and trick shots to improving their skating, stick handling, or playing a little 2v2. We have a goalie in the family so it’s a perfect combination of players to get all kinds of games going. The rounded edges of the rink are incredible and my kids love it because they can practice how they will typically play in a game. 

With the rink officially up and running, we are constantly getting requests for people to come over and skate. I would not be surprised if we become the neighborhood hotspot this winter. If you’re wondering if your kids will like a YardRink and if we’re satisfied with our purchase, now that the rink is frozen, we can’t get our kids to step off the ice and come inside! 

Written by YardRink

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