As the fastest-growing backyard rink brand in North America, YardRink is lucky to have a team of hockey nuts working toward the same goal – to create joy and foster the love of hockey through the thrill of outdoor ice time. 


A key member of our team is Patrick Macfarlane, who leads our financial planning and analysis. Pat is an irreplaceable asset and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him helping us drive toward our key financial performance goals. When Patrick’s not helping to make an impact at YardRink, he can be found hiking through the mountains or watching hockey. 

Here’s what Patrick had to say about why he was inspired to join the YardRink team, how he’s enjoying this hockey season, and his favorite sports moment. 

What inspired you to become a part of YardRink? 

I worked with Brian Packard, YardRink’s co-founder and CEO, before joining the company and jumped at the opportunity to continue that relationship in another venture. I enjoy watching hockey, and being able to help grow the sport was a big draw for me. I find working in such a different industry at this point in my career keeps me enthusiastic about whatever might come next. 

How is YardRink different from the other companies you’ve worked with? 

I have worked in several different industries at companies of varying sizes over the years and none have offered me the opportunity to have an impact in all aspects of the operation like at YardRink. We are all encouraged to offer feedback or ask questions, and having that level of input is great! 

How have you (and YardRink!) been preparing for the winter season? 

It has been exciting preparing for this season as YardRink has so much more to offer its customers. We are now offering custom-size rinks that fit our customers’ needs, established a footprint in Canada, and forged relationships with partners and affiliates – including the NHL! On top of that, we have strengthened our customer-focused efforts thanks to our amazing Customer Care team. Preparing for all of these exciting changes offers the challenge I am looking for. 

What is your favorite professional sports moment? 

Early in my career, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with Bobby Orr. Despite his superstar status, he was friendly, down to earth, and curious about me. He signed pictures and a hockey card that I brought in and even joked about his listed height on the card and how they must have measured him on skates. 

Do you skate or play hockey? If not, what’s a hobby that most people wouldn't expect you to have? 

While I enjoy watching the sport, I do not skate or play hockey. I do daily walks to stay in shape so I can hike the mountains here in the Northeast. 

Written by Brian Packard

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