Connecting with the YardRink community is one of our favorite parts of the job and there is nothing better than hearing about the memorable experiences families across North America are creating on their backyard rinks. As we move into a new skating season, we’re thrilled to welcome Laura Luciano to our Customer Care team. We have no doubt that Laura will aim to delight both our prospects and current customers.

Laura is a successful customer service and operations professional who was introduced to YardRink by our very own Head of Customer Care, Johanna Spittle, with whom she previously worked. When it comes to a customer care philosophy, Laura believes that the goal should be to build a relationship with and impress anyone who contacts us. It doesn’t matter if they are a prospect or an existing customer, YardRink wants to go above and beyond for everyone. 

What inspired you to transition to YardRink and join the Customer Care team, and how did your connection with Johanna Spittle play a role in this decision?

I was inspired to join YardRink because I enjoy working with start-ups. The fast-paced environment and the focus on teamwork in a start-up, along with the idea of a “blank slate,” is appealing to me because it feels like my work is all that much more impactful to the overall success of the business.  Also, working with Johanna in the past has been a blast and I would follow her anywhere! 

What are some of the key lessons or strategies you've learned over your career in customer service that you believe will be valuable in your role at YardRink? 

A lesson that stands out to me is that consistency is the key to long-term change. Often, we want things to change overnight but that is typically not realistic. If you want to implement a new process or strategy, you need to be willing to model the behavior and give an organization’s stakeholders a chance to adapt.   

In a rapidly evolving industry, how do you stay updated on the latest trends and technologies that can enhance customer service and operations?

I truly think that great customer service never goes out of style and those principles ring true no matter the current trends. However, that doesn’t mean we don't learn to change and adapt as the times change. I always take note of my own experiences with every brand I interact with and try to stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and new features of the many platforms with which I have worked. 

Do you skate or play hockey? If not, what's a hobby or interest of yours that most people wouldn't expect you to have?

Although cold winter sports aren’t my thing, in my new role I'm very excited to learn more – and maybe change my overall opinion on winter activities. My idea of an extreme sport is showing up at an estate sale at 5 a.m. to get dibs on all the best stuff and I love to go thrifting and antiquing any chance I get. The majority of the items in my home have been previously loved and I think that adds to their value.

Written by YardRink

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