Kris Tedeschi, Massachusetts YardRink Owner Since 2022

Growing up playing hockey, it was always a dream of mine to have a backyard rink. That dream became a reality when my brother-in-law and I decided to invest in a rink together in 2020. We kept the rink at his house because his yard was flatter. However, when we moved, I knew I wanted my own rink for my family to enjoy. YardRink helped me turn that dream into a reality. 

Making the Right Backyard Rink Choice

While I was satisfied with the rink I purchased with my brother-in-law, I wanted to explore other options available in the market. When I came across YardRink, I was immediately drawn to the tarp on the outside of the rink. It had an appealing look, and I appreciated that the boards were rounded. I never fully understood why anyone would prefer or choose a rectangular rink. Additionally, YardRink’s price point was more attractive compared to its competitors. Having known what I paid in 2020, I would have been put off by the cost of the same rink today. Considering these differences and after convincing my wife that we needed one, I decided to give YardRink a try and I was not disappointed! 

Customizing Our YardRink

Because of the size of our backyard, the Starter Rink was too small and the Standard Rink was too large. I decided to reach out to YardRink and see if it would be possible to customize the Standard Rink. The company’s Customer Service team was very helpful and provided prompt responses. Although they initially advised against customization, they did assure me it was possible. After careful thought and planning, I decided to proceed with customizing the rink to make it perfect for my family. I am delighted with the results. 


Everyone Loves Our YardRink! 

As soon as we set up our YardRink, we received immediate positive feedback. I have witnessed people pulling up to the house, getting out of their cars and taking pictures. Even though our YardRink is in the backyard, we have a big slope so you can't miss it. It's quite unusual to have such a sizable rink in a densely populated area. We have received emails from people asking if the rink is frozen so they can come over and use it. It’s like we have become the cool neighborhood hangout spot!

Our friends have started buying adjustable ice skates because they want to be part of our rink. In response, we transformed our backyard into a winter wonderland by setting up outdoor string lights, purchasing a Solo Stove®, and placing chairs on the patio that overlooks the rink. This allows us to sit outside with some adult beverages while we watch our family and friends skate.

When my neighbor came over and noticed the tarp on the outside of the rink, he was very impressed by the design. Although he already has a rink in his backyard from a different company for his hockey-playing kids, he now wants to check out the YardRink website. In my opinion, YardRink not only looks good, but it also functions exceptionally well and is very easy to set up! 

A Fulfilling Learning Experience  

When my kids started skating at the local rink over two years ago, parents weren’t allowed on the ice. We would watch as an instructor attempted to teach a large group of skaters. Personally, I didn’t feel like my kids were learning much in that environment. This was one of the primary reasons I wanted to get a backyard skating rink – I could now get out on the ice and teach them myself. 

Since we got our YardRink, both of my children have gained the confidence to skate independently without any assistance. They spend hours out there, having the time of their lives in our backyard. When the rink is frozen, we can’t get them off the ice matter how hard we try. If you want to get your kids outdoors in the colder months, especially in New England, I highly recommend putting in a backyard skating rink. We all know the struggle of getting everyone out of the house in the winter, and purchasing the YardRink has been the perfect solution by offering them a fun and active activity to enjoy outside.


Written by YardRink

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