Nigel & Cassie Smith, Massachusetts YardRink Owners Since 2018

One of the best family experiences we’ve created over the past five years is incorporating a YarkRink into our backyard. The opportunity for our kids to get outdoors to burn energy, be social with each other and friends, and learn to skate was very appealing. Investing in a YardRink feels like all the same reasons we invested in a trampoline for warmer-weather fun.

A Ski Family vs a Skating Family

Beyond the obvious idea of trying to get the kids outside and remain active in the winter, we had to navigate how we spend time as a family. Being in the Boston area, youth boys and girls hockey is popular and of course, all time-consuming. However, we decided to be a ski family as we all love the sport and the special opportunities it allows us to explore fun places and spend time together in the winter.

Selfishly, the thought of spending countless hours a week in a rink wasn’t for us as we are already all in on supporting the kids' lacrosse, football, and baseball activities. In fact, not just attending but offering support by volunteering to coach these teams has been one of the most enjoyable – yet incredibly stressful - decisions we made. Choosing family in the winter over another team sport has been awesome and with YardRink we have been able to both ski and enjoy ice skating as a family. So, that’s why YardRink is the right choice for us.  

A YardRink is for Everyone!

So beyond family time, the kids have learned to skate on our YardRink. Even though neither has a slapshot nor can successfully land a double toe-loop, they are certainly scratching that New England hockey itch. Their friends who play hockey or figure skate come over and spend time on the ice and what is most amusing is that they create games to find a middle ground of activities. This means the hockey-playing friends know our son can’t stick handle so they play a version of broomball on the ice using a soccer ball and brooms to score goals. Our daughter’s friends come over and they like to push the Adirondack chairs on the ice with skates on. Regardless of the skating activity, there are plenty of smiles!

It's no surprise that we love having our YarkRink in the backyard. Our kids love that they can spend time on the ice with their friends and as parents, we love that it encourages them to get outside during winter and off of screens and the constant bickering over the remote control. Thank you YarkRink – we love it and hope others find the same kind of joy in their set-ups. 

Written by YardRink Owner

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