For our friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire who may be questioning, ‘Can I actually build a backyard rink?’ we are proud to announce that 360 Sportscapes has become the first authorized installer of our Starter and Standard YardRinks!

With years of experience helping homeowners create innovative backyard active spaces for all seasons, the professionals at 360 Sportscapes are excited to work with YardRink. They understand that some homeowners would prefer to save time and hire a professional installer, especially as we head into the holiday season. Beyond a brand new YardRink, 360 Sportscapes can advise on rink lighting, fire pits, and other future hardscaping projects.   

Setting up an outdoor rink is truly a ‘thread the needle’ process for most homeowners. One must wait for all the leaves to drop, finalize yard clean up, and then get the rink set up (including hammering the stakes into the ground before it freezes). However, with 360 Sportscapes, you can let them handle all the details.  It’s a gift for the kids and yourself!

As an official licensed product of the NHL, and with cold weather now here, YardRink is thrilled to work with 360 Sportscapes to bring homeowners their own Winter Classic experience. 

360 Sportscapes can be reached at (877) 937-4360 or by e-mail at

Written by YardRink

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